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Fancy Linens - Aprons, Handkerchiefs, Tea Towels Its nearly impossible to look through the wonderful items at Greatlookz and not find something your heart truly desires.

Choose from an absolutely elegant selection of fancy imported linens, lace tea towels, handmade tea towels, embroidered lace aprons, tea cosies, piano covers, fancy handmade lace handkerchiefs, sheer white floral handkerchiefs, embroidered tea towels, embroidered tablecloths, linens with battenburg lace, linens with tatting lace, floral embroidery, tuscany lace bedcovers, and more. Our lacy aprons are some of our most popular items.

Vintage Linens

When you think of vintage, you may think of clothing, cars, or hairstyles. However, vintage products are much more prevalent in other areas than you may realize. For example, vintage linens are a huge trend in the home decorating industry. The category of linens includes placemats, napkins, sheets, handkerchiefs, and more.

Today, many new items are infused with a vintage flair or are styled to resemble linens of the Victorian and Civil War eras, and handkerchiefs are no exception. They can be made in any size, from 10 to 20 inches in square size. Many feature scalloped edging as well as floral embroidered patterns. The key when shopping for vintage linens is to look for modern construction with a sturdy feel.

At, we've got a large selection of vintage reproductions handkerchiefs for formal and casual use. One handkerchief with real vintage flavor is our Cotton Handkerchief with Blue Floral Embroidery. It features a hand embroidered blue and sage green floral arrangement in the midst of a delicate white background. Made of 100 percent cotton fibers, this item is easy to wash and care for and should hold up to the test of time.

We also offer handmade Tatting Lace Doilies in assorted sizes. Created from beige tatting lace, these doilies offer vintage style and grace of years past. They are timeless treasures that are both extremely beautiful and wonderfully functional at the same time. Feel free to give us a call to talk about our selection or place an order at 877-755-4920.

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